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What’s the Verdict? Is Horoscope a Sin?

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Horoscopes have been around for thousands of years, and many of us check our horoscopes daily on social media or in the newspaper. Some believe those horoscope readings are useless, offensive, and sinful. But what’s the truth? Today we will examine the Bible to determine whether is horoscope a sin?

is horoscope a sin

HISTORY OF ZODIACS AND is horoscope a sin?

The history of horoscopes dates back to ancient civilizations, including Babylon, China, and Greece. The zodiacs are thought to have develop by the Mesopotamians in 2000 BCE. Within astrology, zodiacs are often use as a fortune-telling tool. They generally divide the sky into twelve areas or constellations, and each area has corresponding associated symbols and myths. These 12 signs make up the Zodiac which can then matched to an individual based on their date of birth.

The idea of horoscopes stems from the study of astronomy. Many historians believe that before the advent of telescopes, humans attempted to predict future events by observing patterns formed by stars. Some believe that astrology began. When early astronomers in different parts of the world noticed patterns in stars at different times during day and night, then tried to find meaning for those patterns. It is thought that they create horoscopes to help tell what was going to happen soon.

In ancient Egypt, priests practiced astrology and believed the position of certain stars could foretell events such as plagues, floods, droughts, and famine. In later centuries these beliefs spread throughout Europe. The accuracy of these predictions varies, but most people think that some are true. In fact, for centuries, most people believed in some form of divination, either alchemy or casting bones ). Millions of people still read their daily horoscope, believing it will give them insight into what life may hold for them tomorrow.

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is horoscope a sin


A recent survey found that only 25% of Americans believe in horoscopes, while 48% are unsure. It is an interesting statistic when you consider that almost two-thirds of Americans (63%) say they read their horoscopes at least once a week. The survey also found that men and women tend to believe in horoscopes at about the same rate, with both groups hovering around 36%.

Younger people were more likely to have faith in horoscopes than those over 50. Interestingly, Christians were more likely to have faith in them than any other group surveyed (37%). Protestants were the most likely group to believe in horoscopes, with 42% claiming they do. Another 34% said they aren’t sure if it’s a sin but would still like to know what their horoscope says. Catholics were split right down the middle, with 44% saying it is a sin and 46% disagreeing. What do YOU think? Is horoscope a sin to read your horoscope every day?

The Bible does not mention horoscopes specifically, so there isn’t an answer for many Christians. But does the Bible forbid astrology altogether? No it forbids casting lots for prophecy. We should be careful about attributing spiritual significance to these things. Because there is no way to be sure whether God has anything to do with them. Ultimately, how we view our behavior is up to us as individuals whether it’s sinful or permissible isn’t clear from Scripture alone.


No, horoscopes are not biblical. The Bible says in Romans 1:22 that they became fools by Professing themselves to be wise. So if you’re becoming a fool by seeking what the stars have in store for you instead of trusting in God, then no, it is not biblical. In addition, there is no scriptural reference for when or how we were created. If you’re curious about your birth chart, ask your mom and dad when you were born and see what they say! It’ll probably save them some heartache later on.

The Bible does mention astrology, though, which is similar but not similar. 2 Kings 21:6 talks about someone who can divine people’s futures based on the position of certain planets. And constellations at their birth. You may also know this as fortune telling. Divination is mentioned throughout the Scripture as an abomination to God. Because it violates His sovereignty over man’s life (Leviticus 19:26). On top of all this, believers should consider whether they want to follow Jesus Christ or Astrology guru John Edwards.

While both offer hope and predictions, one offers eternal life, while the other offers temporary entertainment. We hope you choose wisely. And remember–if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Have you considered living without sin? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to make your day-to-day decisions better and easier. But don’t forget why we do anything: following Jesus. Remember if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. Have you considered living without sin?

is horoscope a sin

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Is horoscope a sin? They can be fun and exciting to read, especially if you believe in what they say. I do not believe that horoscopes are accurate, but I still enjoy them. I think horoscopes should not taken too seriously or used to make life-changing decisions. Sometimes horoscopes amuse people who enjoy reading about them. 

Many people feel like horoscopes show an individual looking for meaning when there is none in their lives. It’s best to find meaning on your own rather than relying on someone else to tell you what it is. There are many ways to learn about astrology and what it means for yourself as an individual.

Such as by going into a metaphysical store. Astrology can help you understand yourself better. But there is no way of knowing which sign has more good luck because everyone has different luck. The only way to know for sure is through personal experience.

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