What Are The 3 Types Of Aquarius

Aquarius is an intriguing and enigmatic zodiac sign that is known for its unique personality traits and characteristics. People born under the Aquarius zodiac sign have a reputation for being independent, eccentric, and true individuals who march to the beat of their own drum. If you’ve ever wondered what makes an Aquarius tick, you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll explore the three types of Aquarius based on their Mercury placement, shedding light on their different traits, behaviors, and tendencies.

Key Takeaways:

  • Aquarius is an independent and eccentric zodiac sign.
  • There are three types of Aquarius based on their Mercury placement: Aquarius with Mercury in Capricorn, Aquarius with Mercury in Pisces, and Aquarius with Mercury in Aquarius.
  • Aquarius individuals have unique traits, characteristics, and behaviors that make them intriguing and mysterious.
  • Aquarius is represented by the water bearer and is ruled by Uranus, symbolizing their humanitarian nature.
  • Understanding the different types of Aquarius can provide insights into their diverse personalities.

Aquarius with Capricorn Mercury: Detached

Aquarius individuals with Mercury in Capricorn possess unique personality traits. They often experience moments of silence and unpredictable outbursts, which can catch others off guard. These Aquarians have a tendency to blurt out unexpected statements, often in a monotone voice. Their detachment is a defining characteristic, as they express themselves without showing emotional engagement.

This detachment serves as a defense mechanism for Aquarius with Capricorn Mercury, allowing them to push buttons and navigate social situations. However, this detachment can also be challenging for them, leading to occasional emotional pain. They have acquired this coping mechanism to protect themselves from perceived threats and maintain a sense of control.

Despite their detached nature, Aquarius with Capricorn Mercury possess an undeniable charm. Their unique perspective and ability to express themselves boldly make them intriguing individuals. They possess a deep well of knowledge and can surprise others with their insightful observations.

Aquarius Mercury in Capricorn

Aquarius with Aquarius Mercury: Idea driven

Aquarius individuals with Mercury in Aquarius have three subsets: morning star, evening star, and combust. They thrive in group settings and often create working groups or unions. They expect the group to support and follow their ideas. For those with Mercury in its morning star phase, they may embody their ideas through their appearance and behavior. In contrast, those with Mercury in its evening star phase may seek to find the idea within existing groups or communities.

Aquarius with Aquarius Mercury

Morning Star Phase

For Aquarius individuals with Mercury in its morning star phase, their ideas are not limited to mere theories or concepts – they are an integral part of their identity. They strive to live in accordance with their beliefs and will often adopt a style of dressing and behaving that reflects their unique perspective. Their passion for their ideas can be infectious, inspiring others to embrace their worldview.

Evening Star Phase

On the other hand, Aquarius individuals with Mercury in its evening star phase are adept at finding innovative ideas within existing groups or communities. They regularly seek out diverse perspectives and enjoy engaging in stimulating discussions. Their ability to synthesize different ideas and viewpoints often leads to the emergence of creative solutions and approaches.

Combust Phase

Lastly, Aquarius individuals with Mercury in its combust phase may find it challenging to express their ideas openly. They might experience moments of internal conflict, feeling a strong internal drive to share their unique insights but struggling to find a suitable outlet. However, when they successfully navigate this internal tension, their ideas can have a profound impact on the world.

Aquarius with Pisces Mercury: Worldbuilder

Aquarius individuals with Mercury in Pisces possess a remarkable talent for systems thinking and a knack for visualizing complex structures while meticulously keeping track of every piece. These Aquarians are intrinsically drawn to subjects such as the philosophy of physics and mathematics, which fuel their intellectual curiosity and allow them to explore the intricacies of these intricate realms.

Aquarius with Pisces Mercury

Their thinking style can be described as non-linear and expansive, enabling them to navigate multiple threads of thought simultaneously. They possess a unique ability to connect seemingly unrelated concepts, effortlessly weaving them together to form a cohesive worldview. This holistic approach empowers Aquarius individuals with Pisces Mercury to amass a comprehensive understanding of the grand tapestry of life.

Many Aquarius worldbuilders find their creative outlets in fields such as electronic music. In these realms, they can utilize an amalgamation of different sounds and textures to construct immersive landscapes that transport listeners into their meticulously crafted alternate realities.

Aquarius individuals with Pisces Mercury possess an unparalleled imaginative prowess that enables them to envision the bigger picture and contribute to the development of novel systems and ideas. With their inquisitive minds and their ability to think beyond conventional boundaries, they have the potential to reshape the world in profound and innovative ways.

Understanding Aquarius Decans

In astrology, each zodiac sign can be further divided into three decans, revealing subtle variations in personality among individuals with the same Sun sign. For Aquarius, the decans are influenced by the air signs Libra and Gemini, providing distinct characteristics and traits that shape an individual’s behavior and outlook.

Aquarius decans

Aquarius Decan 1: Intellectual Explorers

Aquarius individuals born in the first decan, between January 20 and January 29, possess a deep thirst for knowledge and wisdom. They are driven to explore new ideas and pursue intellectual endeavors with unwavering determination. Their insatiable curiosity often leads them to accomplish remarkable feats. However, they may also encounter moments of burnout or failure when they push themselves too hard without recognizing their limits.

Aquarius Decan 2: Trailblazers of Independence

In the second decan, from January 30 to February 9, Aquarius individuals exhibit a strong sense of individualism and prioritize their own goals above all else. They are not interested in conforming to societal norms or following the crowd. Instead, they forge their own path and strive to make their aspirations a reality. Autonomy is highly valued, and emotional entanglements are avoided unless they contribute to personal growth or achievement.

Aquarius Decan 3: Free-Spirited Explorers

The third decan, spanning February 10 to February 18, is characterized by Aquarius individuals who possess an innate curiosity and excitement about new ideas and experiences. They actively seek out novel opportunities for personal and intellectual growth. Open-minded and enthusiastic, they readily embrace unconventional perspectives and passionately explore diverse subjects. They possess a genuine zest for life and are fascinated by the extraordinary.

In summary, understanding Aquarius decans sheds light on the nuanced variations within the Aquarius zodiac sign. Each decan accentuates different aspects of an individual’s personality, influencing their approach to life, relationships, and personal growth. Embracing the diverse nature of Aquarius enhances our appreciation for their unique traits and enriches our understanding of this captivating zodiac sign.

Aquarius Decan 1: Thirsty for Knowledge

Aquarius individuals born in the first decan, from January 20 to January 29, are known for their thirst for knowledge and wisdom. They possess a relentless drive to pursue their ideas and often achieve great feats. This decan of Aquarius is characterized by a profound curiosity and an insatiable quest for learning.

Driven by their intellectual curiosity, Aquarius decan 1 individuals constantly seek to expand their knowledge base. They possess a natural inclination to explore diverse subjects and engage in deep conversations. Their insatiable desire for knowledge fuels their ambition and propels them towards accomplishing remarkable feats in their chosen fields.

This decan’s thirst for knowledge is not limited to academic pursuits. Aquarius decan 1 individuals are also keen observers of the world around them, seeking to understand societal dynamics and the human condition. They often possess a broad and multidisciplinary perspective, allowing them to connect seemingly unrelated ideas and come up with groundbreaking insights.

While their thirst for knowledge propels them forward, Aquarius decan 1 individuals may also experience moments of burnout or failure. Their relentless pursuit of knowledge and their drive to accomplish great things can sometimes lead them to push themselves too hard without knowing when to take a break. It is vital for them to find a balance between their intellectual pursuits and self-care to avoid exhaustion.

Aquarius decan 1 individuals thrive in environments that encourage intellectual growth and provide opportunities to explore new ideas. They are at their best when surrounded by like-minded individuals who share their passion for learning and are willing to engage in stimulating discussions.

With their insatiable thirst for knowledge and intellectual curiosity, Aquarius decan 1 individuals play a crucial role in pushing the boundaries of human understanding and paving the way for innovation and progress.

Aquarius Decan 2: Individualistic Nature

Aquarius individuals born in the second decan, from January 30 to February 9, possess a strong sense of individualism. They prioritize their own goals above all else, demonstrating a distinct willingness to make things happen on their own terms. Unlike those who aspire to be leaders or followers, these Aquarius individuals value autonomy and prefer to maintain emotional distance from others unless they contribute to their personal goals.

Driven by their independent spirit, individuals in this decan exhibit a remarkable commitment to pursuing their own paths. They are self-reliant and unafraid to challenge societal norms or conventions. While they may appreciate the support and insights of others, their true fulfillment lies in forging their own unique journey.

When it comes to relationships, Aquarius individuals born in the second decan tend to be selective. They seek connections that align with their aspirations and support their personal growth. Emotional involvement is not a priority for them unless it contributes to their individual goals and aspirations. They value their independence and may hesitate to commit to deep emotional bonds that could potentially compromise their own progress.

In summary, Aquarius individuals in the second decan possess a remarkable sense of individualism. They prioritize their own goals and seek to make things happen on their own terms. Their autonomy and self-reliance shape their relationships and interactions with others. By understanding their individualistic nature, we can better appreciate their unique approach to life and their unwavering commitment to personal growth.

Aquarius Decan 3: Curious and Excited

Aquarius individuals born in the third decan, from February 10 to February 18, possess unique personality traits that set them apart. They are known for their curiosity and excitement when it comes to exploring new ideas and experiences.

Compared to the other decans, Aquarius Decan 3 individuals tend to be more involved with others, seeking connections and interactions that allow them to expand their knowledge and perspectives. They have a genuine enthusiasm for experimentation, always eager to try something different and push boundaries.

One of the defining characteristics of Aquarius Decan 3 is their open-mindedness. They embrace the unknown and are willing to explore even the wildest claims if there is a chance they could be true. This adventurous spirit fuels their curiosity and drives them to seek out diverse experiences and information.

Common Traits of Aquarius

While there are variations among the three types of Aquarius, there are common traits that are shared by all Aquarius individuals. Aquarius is an air sign and is considered to be independent and eccentric. They have unique ideas, beliefs, and mannerisms that may seem bizarre to others. They are often described as true hippies who look at life differently. Aquarius is ruled by Uranus and is represented by the water bearer, symbolizing their humanitarian nature.

  • Independent and eccentric
  • Unique ideas, beliefs, and mannerisms
  • True hippies who look at life differently
  • Ruled by Uranus
  • Symbolized by the water bearer


Aquarius individuals are diverse and extraordinary, with each person having their own unique blend of traits. Their independent spirit, eccentricity, and humanitarian nature make them intriguing and mysterious. While astrology provides insights into their personality, it’s important to remember that every individual is complex and nuanced.

Understanding the three types of Aquarius, based on their Mercury placement, can help shed light on their different characteristics and behaviors. Aquarius with Mercury in Capricorn tends to display a detached nature, while Aquarius with Mercury in Aquarius is driven by their ideas and thrives in group settings. Aquarius with Mercury in Pisces excels in systems thinking and has a talent for world-building.

However, it’s also essential to consider the influence of other factors in the natal charts of Aquarius individuals. Astrology provides a framework, but there are countless other elements that shape a person’s personality. Each Aquarius is unique, and embracing their individuality is key to understanding them fully.

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